"I used 3 registry cleaners before Max secure all of which at some point deleted files that my system needed, especially Windows Manager Reg Cleaner. Max Registry Cleaner has never been a problem. I have never had to restore files with this program. It also clears out the rubbish left by Windows update. I would and have recommended it to anyone for efficient windows housekeeping. An excellent bit of software I have come to depend on."

Graham S. Date: 12/02/2018

"This is my second year with Max Registry Cleaner. I have found it to be a superb tool for cleaning the registry of unwanted files. My computer runs much quicker after a full scan. This year I have signed up for the Spyware Detector. I was amazed that the first scan produced and deleted a phenomenal amount of spyware. Thanks for such a wonderful product. I will recommend the programs to my friends without hesitation."

John G. Date: 02/01/2018

"Your program cleaned out over 2300 registry errors (a result of a reinstallation) and is now defragging the registry. A great product which I'm recommending to all my contacts."

John C. Date: 11/12/2017

"I had a problem registering my product; used Live Chat; talked with Adam. He was very helpful and resolved all my concerns. Great Job! Thanks!"

Gary H. Date: 02/13/2017

"I have been using Spyware Detector and Max Registry Cleaner for many years and have found my computer to be running fast and efficiently. I recently re-newed my license for Spyware Detector but forgot to take the offer for a reduced price upgrade for Max Registry Cleaner. I had therefore not been running Max Registry Cleaner for about two months and I noticed my computer running slower and slower. I was very pleased to have a 1 minute text chat with your online helpdesk Bob who happily gave me the Max Registry Cleaner at the discount price. This means that I saved $20 and now my PC is running as fast as ever!"

Marek P. Date: 07/08/2009

"Just to thank you for the assistance that was provided by your operator "Bob" in re activating my copy of Max Registry Cleaner after installing Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade. Bob was very polite and efficient in rectifying the registration process procedure for me. His assistance was very professional."

Terrance W. Date: 10/02/2015

"I would like to thank my live support person, Bob at Max Registry Cleaner. My old hard drive contracted a very nasty virus and my PC guru was only able to pull limited information from it. Consequently, I lost my registration key. To complicate matters, I had a different email address and ISP when I registered, so requesting the registration key via email wasn't an option. In less than 5 minutes, Bob gave me a new key and a helpful link to download the Max Registry Cleaner. I'm now up to speed and very grateful. If anyone is thinking about purchasing a registry cleaner, Max is the best. Not only does it do a great job, but the 24/7 live support is beyond comparison. Thank you!"

Cheryl H. Date: 01/08/2014

"Folks I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Would you believe it found and deleted 947 bad registry entries? So now the computer is working great again. I swear by this program. I've had several registry cleaner programs, none of which did half of what yours does. One even took the better part of an hour and still didn't improve the performance of my PC, and was supposed to be one of the most top rated programs. Uh huh. At least yours is quicker and speeds up my computer after cleaning up my registry. Anybody having registry issues with their computer Need To Buy This Product!!! Now! Thanks Folks!"

Dick M. Date: 05/25/2014

"I have installed Max Registry Cleaner and Spyware Detector and I am amazed how many Trojans and spyware they found and deleted. My system has recovered, many thanks. I will pass the positive comment with regard to your product to my many friends."

Trevor S. Date: 06/15/2014

"Recently I had to wipe my hard disk due to a hardware problem, losing the key to Max Registry Cleaner in the process. I found live chat tonight and used it. Bob responded and within a couple of minutes I was able to supply him with proof of purchase and he supplied me with a new key. Problem fixed. Fantastic and super-responsive. A great way to build customer satisfaction."

Peter C. Date: 05/06/2013

"I've been using Max Registry Cleaner on all of my household PCs for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the way Max keeps my PCs humming. Have had to reinstall on several new PCs and Max's 24/7 online chat makes it a simple matter to get the product re-registered. Hat's off to a great product and to online tech support that actually works!!"

Robert D. Date: 02/10/2013

"I had a bit of a problem finding my way around trying to renew my Max Registry Cleaner. I spoke with your customer support person, Adam, who quickly resolved my problem and was very courteous!"

Marina O. Date: 04/17/2012

"This is a great product! I spent several days researching the Internet for a fix for "An error has occurred in the script on this page." I tried many and everything that was suggested. Nothing worked until I purchased Max Registry Cleaner and let it do its thing. NO MORE SCRIPT ERROR.

The reason I purchased Max Registry Cleaner over two other top rated products is when I let them do the "free" scans, one came up with 338 errors. The other one came up with 834 errors. Max Registry Cleaner came up with over 5,000 errors. That's what I call Deep cleaning!"

Thanks for such a wonderful product."

Barbara L. Date: 07/19/2010

"I want to thank you for your excellent support. Outstanding job and all seems to be working now. Also Max Registry Cleaner is everything it says it is in all the reviews. Thank you again for creating a suburb product."

Terry C. Date: 09/28/2010

"I am currently using Windows XP. After McAfee Security Centre was updated, the virus Scan stopped at 68%. At one of the files in the System Volume Info...Folder. I had contacted McAfee's technical support, but they could not solve the problem. They told me to contact Microsoft. When I ran McAfee Virtual Technician, it corrected one of the registry files. So I thought of purchasing Max Registry Cleaner. It did a wonderful job. I have no problems at the current moment. McAfee scanning was complete. I have read two peoples bad comments about your service and products. Please post some positive comments towards your services so that users can have a sense of motivation to use this program without having doubts."

Joe A. Date: 11/29/2010

"I installed Max Registry Cleaner on my PC because the registry file kept corrupting making my computer useless. Twice I had to take it to a repairman and have the problem fixed only to have it show up again. I tried everything and nothing worked. Since the installation of Max Registry Cleaner I haven’t had one error or problem and my PC performs flawlessly. Thank you for a wonderful product."

Eric W. Date: 03/19/2009

"I gotta tell you, when I bought the Max Registry Cleaner, I was skeptical about what it could do for me. I’ve heard others talk about what a rip these cleaners are. I ran the application and man what an improvement in speed! I was planning on taking my laptop in for reformatting next week; it had slowed to a crawl. The reformatting would cost me $150 so I figured with 100% guarantee on your application, what do I have to loose. This software saved me $130 bucks and a days worth of loading all my stuff back on the machine. Great stuff!!"

David D. Date: 01/22/2008

"I really like the Max Registry Cleaner - it is a user friendly piece of software."

Susan K. Date: 03/16/2009
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