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How do I schedule a scan in Max Registry Cleaner?

To schedule the Max Registry Cleaner follow the following steps:

  1. Open the main interface of the Product and click on the Scheduler option, a scheduler window will open.

  2. The window has the three fields as given below, select the options you want and click on the OK to schedule the scan.

    a. Scan Options

    b. Scan Time
    c. Scan Type
  3. a. Scan Options
    Here you have different options to select for which the Max Registry Cleaner will scan. You can select the individual option or can check the Select All options . Max Registry Cleaner will then scan for selected options.
    For more information on Scan Options click here.

    b. Scan Time
    Select the Scan Time options provided like Daily, Weekly, Hourly or Minutes and set the time in the timer provided. This will set the time for the Max Registry Cleaner to scan your PC.

    c. Scan Type
    This section has two options like,
    i. Log Only: Selecting this option, Max Registry Cleaner will scan your PC for the invalid registry entries and only show you the log of the detected entries at that time.
    ii. Delete: Selecting this option, Max Registry Cleaner will scan your PC for the invalid registry entries and directly delete the invalid entries detected on your PC.
  4. After you have selected the above three fields click on OK button the window will close.
  5. Now again click on the scheduler option on the main product interface the window will open. You can see your Schedule Details in the scheduler window. You can also cancel the earlier schedule by clicking on the Cancel Schedule button and reschedule the new time for scanning.
  6. Make sure that MaxRCSystemTray.exe is running in the Task Manager while using Scheduler option.
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