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How to use Options Tab?

Options contain a list of very useful utilities, designed by Max Registry Cleaner’s Technical Team. Follow each link below to learn more about that option:

1. Backup
2. Restore Point
3. Ignore List
4. System Settings
5. Startup Entries
6. Internet Optimizer
7. Registry Backup


  1. Max Registry Cleaner automatically creates a backup of the invalid entries it deletes from the windows registry. The option is used in the emergency situation.
  2. To restore a registry backup complete the following steps:
    a) Click on the Option tab on the main interface of the Max Registry Cleaner. The Options window will open.

    b) Go to the Backup tab, you will see the Automatic Backup 1, 2... here. Select the Automatic Backup file and click on Open button. The selected Backup file will open the recover window.

    c) Now you can restore all the entries by checking "Select All" option provided at left bottom corner of the screen. You can also restore selective entries by checking appropriate entries.
    [ Changes implemented in the recover event which created the selected backup are reverted back to their original state]
    Click the Cancel button to return to the Restore registry backup screen without restoring any items.
  3. To delete a Registry backup, complete the following steps:
    If you want to delete the backups taken
    Step 1: On the Backup screen, select the check box next to the appropriate registry backup in the list.
    Step 2: Click the Delete button, and the selected registry backup is deleted.
  4. If you do not wish to restore or delete any further backups close the option window. This closes the Backup screen and returns you to the main screen.

Restore Point

This Feature is available for Windows XP and later versions.

Max Registry Cleaner allows user to create restore point. This feature is used to return your computer to an earlier state if you have a system failure or other major problem with your computer without you having to reinstall the OS and lose your data files.

Ignore List

After cleaning the scanned entries from Max Registry Cleaner, some software applications regenerate the entries in the registry, these entries are invalid & that entries are every time scanned by Max Registry Cleaner.

If user wants to ignore such kind of entries then follow the below mentioned steps:
1) Select entries which you want to ignore.
2) Click on Ignore Entries button on the main interface of the product.

To access Max Registry Cleaner's ignore list, click the Option button on Max Registry Cleaner screen, then click on Ignore List tab.

Now you can recover all the entries by checking "Select All" option provided at left bottom corner of the screen and clicking on Recover button. Also selective entries can be recovered by checking appropriate entries.

Startup Entries

Note: It is recommended that any change in startup entries be made by an advanced user. Windows starts several processes during startup that are essential for the smooth running of the computer, and any change in them may result in instability of the system.

Click on the "Startup Entries" tab of the Options window to view a list of all the programs that are started at Windows startup, as well as the paths to the executables of these programs. Max Registry Cleaner allows you to disable (and enable) items in the list, as well as delete them, change them or insert new items. On Windows 95, 98 and Window ME systems, the user has full access to this list. On Windows NT/2000/XP systems, the list will display the global and the current user entries. For some functions like viewing all entries or even changing some, you may need admin or power user rights.

If you want to change any entry, select that item and click on Change. A box will appear that will allow you to change the value of the path to the executable of that program.

If you want to insert any new item in the startup list, i.e., add a program to the list so that it starts up with Windows, click on Insert.

A window will appear in which you need to specify the following values to create a new Startup item:
• Root key - You can choose to create this startup item either for the current user only or for all users. If the former, this program will be started up only when the current user logs in. If the latter, this program will be started up for all users who log into this system.
• Key - This specifies whether the program to be started up is a normal program or a service program.
• Name - The name of the program to be started up.
• Link of the item you want to insert - The path to the program executable.

When you restart your PC, that item will start at Windows startup.
If you want to delete some item from startup list, select that item and click on Delete.
The next time you start your PC; this program will not start up along with Windows. Always use the Delete option with caution.
You can also export the startup items list to any place in a text file format by clicking on Export. Follow the prompts to specify the name of the text file that the information will be saved in as well as its location.

System Settings

There are two sections,
1) System Settings
2) Product Information

1) System Settings
This feature has been provided to let you customize Max Registry Cleaner. There are five options:

i. Show Splash Screen:
Checking this option will show you the Max Registry Cleaner Splash Screen whenever you reboot the PC, notifying you that your system is optimized by Max Registry Cleaner. Enabled by default.

ii. Show tips at start up:
Checking this option will show you the Tips window whenever you open Max Registry Cleaner. Enabled by default.

iii. Automatic Live Update:
When this option is checked, new updates of Max Registry Cleaner are downloaded and installed on system reboot. Enabled by default.

iv. Start scan when Windows start:
Checking this option will automatically schedule the Max Registry Cleaner to start scanning the system every time you restart your computer. This option is disabled by default.

v. Clean Temporary Files after delete:
When this option is checked, all the files from temp folder and temporary internet files are removed after deletion of invalid entries.

2) Product Information
First line tells about your copy of Max Registry Cleaner, whether it is a registered or unregistered copy. Second line tells about your evaluation days left, if yours is an unregistered copy. If your copy is registered, then it displays your Registration No. and Subscription Expiry Date below that.

Product Version No is a version of Max Registry Cleaner that is installed on your computer.
Last Live Update is the date when your copy of Max Registry Cleaner was last been updated.
Renew Now : If you wish to renew your subscription, you may use the handy Renew Now button and follow the prompts to do so. If you renew many days before expiration date you will not lose any days.
Export: It allows you to export the Voucher Registration log to us. If you are facing some problem while registering your copy, this log can help us to identify and resolve your problem.

Registry Backup

This feature lets you create backup of Registry files. It stores the state of registry at the time of backup which can be restored later. This is very useful when some harmful changes have been done in registry by some software/virus/spyware. These changes can be undone by restoring an earlier saved backup.

On clicking “Start Backup”, the backup is created in the shown folder. This process takes some time and system may become unresponsive. When backup is created it is shown in the “Available Backups”. If the created backups are more than five then only last five backups are stored and shown in “Available Backups”.

To restore a Registry backup, complete the following steps:
Select the backup to restore from the list of backups. Click on radio button “Restore Backup” and click ok. Your system will be rebooted to restore the registry.

To delete a Registry backup, complete the following steps:
Select the backup to delete from the list of backups. Click on the radio button "Delete Backup". Now click ok and this backup will be deleted from the database.

Note: Restoring registry backup will only restore the entries in registry. It will not restore any file pointed by registry entry or any file deleted. It is recommended that you take registry backup after installing the Max Registry Cleaner which can be used to restore.

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