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What is Defrag option?

The registry is much like any program or table of information, which stores data in a specific way. As your system is configured and reconfigured, the registry rearranges the keys, and data behind the keys, so that it reads the information in appropriate way for processing. Sometimes this can leave gaps between the data, which can slow the processing of required information.

Using defragmentation option in Max Registry Cleaner, you can eliminate registry fragmentation thereby giving you a fresh new registry with no redolent or obsolete data. This defragmentation of registry will speed up your system, which improves system response time and ensures better user access time.

Key Features of Registry Defragmentation

Makes your computer fast and stable in minutes.
Increases your computer speed up to 100%
Reduces application response time.
Reduces system response time.
Saves memory by compacting registry in size.
Builds new registry with linear structure.


When you click on the Defrag button in the main window, you will be presented with the Defragment screen (above). The screen has following options:

Analyze: Clicking on Analyze will start analyzing the registry files for defragmentation. After analysis it will show the size of the registry files before defragmentation, size of the files after defragmentation and percentage space which can be recovered by defragmentation. Analysis can be stopped in between by clicking Cancel.

Defrag: Clicking on Defrag will start the actual defragmentation. Defragmentation requires movement of files so it is recommended that all applications should be closed before proceeding for defragmentation. After defragmentation system is rebooted to take effect.

Cancel: If cancel is clicked during analysis then it stops the analysis else it closes the defragmentation dialog.

Please note that:

  • Please be patient, defragmentation may take few minutes to complete.
  • Make sure that you have closed all other applications windows during scan.
  • During this scan your computer will slow down and may become unresponsive. Please do not start any other programs.
  • You must restart your PC after Defragmentation gets completed.
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