FAQs about Max Registry Cleaner Software

  • How to purchase the Max Registry Cleaner?

    You can freely download our Max Registry Cleaner software's trial version or click on the "Buy Now" option to purchase it. Otherwise you can also visit our product purchase page and buy our registry cleaner for your windows registry cleanup.

  • What is the Registration Number?

    The Registration Number is an alpha-numeric key provided to the customers once they purchase the Max Registry Cleaner. This key is unique for all the customers, so that the support team can easily identify the customer and provide the necessary help in case of a problem. The user can register their purchased product through this number and use it for one year.

  • How do I register the Max Registry Cleaner?

    In order to register the Max Registry Cleaner, you should first install it on your PC and then click on the Max Registry Cleaner icon that'll appear on your desktop. After that click on the "Register Now" tab in the product interface. Fill in your details and the registration number that will be provided to you through an email after you buy our registry cleaner software product. Finally, click on the Register Tab in the form. Once you have successfully registered, the "Subscription Expire" date will be shown in the main interface.

  • How to Re-register my registry cleaner, if I do formatting of my system?

    If you require re-registering your registry cleaner software after formatting, then download the latest release of the Max Registry Cleaner and re-install the program using the setup. Enter your previous registration number, in case the set up asks you to enter your registration number again. If it shows any error then you will be required to generate a new registration key for the re-registration purpose. This will completely disable your previous registration key.

    You can also generate a new key of the registry cleaner software, in case you want to use it on your second PC in the same house or if you want to transfer the product to your new PC.

  • What is the Registry De-fragmentation feature?

    The de-fragmentation option allows you to eliminate the registry fragmentation or the gaps created during the system reconfiguration, while the registry rearranges all the data. The de-fragmentation of the registry improves the system speed and optimizes the registry by deleting the obsolete data. It also helps in building new registry with a linear structure and saves the memory of the system by compaction of the registry size. After every de-fragmentation session, system reboot should take place to make it effective.

So, Download our user friendly Registry fix software today!