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    Registering Registry Cleaner

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How do I register my product?

    After you install the product, click on "Register Now" button on main GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the product.

Registration window opens, in registration form enter your details. (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address)
In the last text box Registration No, select the registration key in the email sent to you after you purchased Max Registry Cleaner, copy by pressing (ctrl+c) and then paste by pressing (ctrl+v) the registration number in the registration box. (Please copy and paste this number, do not try to type it) in the registration form and click on Register button.
For registration of the product, you will have to be connected to the Internet.

I can not register:

It seems that some program on your PC may be blocking it. If you have Norton Internet Security, please check the following:

Please open NIS (Norton Internet Security) and go to Status & Settings -> Personal Firewall -> Configure -> Custom Level -> Personal Firewall setting. If you have checked the option "High Block everything until you allow it", then you will get "Internet connection failed" error, while registration.

This happens because by default NIS has blocked two application exe's of Max Registry Cleaner. The two Registry Cleaner exe's are:

1. Registrycleanerp.exe
2. LiveUpdateRC.exe

To fix this error, please go to NIS (Norton Internet Security) -> Status & Settings -> Personal Firewall -> Configure -> Programs -> Click on Add -> Browse to C:\Program files\Registry Cleaner\Registrycleanerp.exe (C: here denotes drive where current Operating System is installed). When NIS (Norton Internet Security) prompts the user with Program Control window for appropriate action, listed in combo box, Choose "Permit" and click on OK.

Do the same for C:\Program files\Registry Cleaner\LiveUpdateRC.exe also.

If you are doing new installation of Registry Cleaner, NIS (Norton Internet Security) prompts its Security Alert with options for what do you want to do? Select "Always allow connections from this program on all ports" and while doing Live Update, if NIS prompts security alert then also select "Always allow connections from this program on all ports".

If you have already blocked the exe's, then make changes as NIS (Norton Internet Security)-> Status & Settings -> Personal Firewall -> Configure -> Programs -> Check for Registry Cleaner on Manual Program Control list, if it is present, select Registry Cleaner exe names and click on Modify -> change the action to "Permit".
Follow same steps for Live Update also.

If you have Windows XP Firewall, please check the following:

Click Start, Control Panel, double–click Network Connections, right-click the desired connection, Properties>Advanced tab, under Internet Connection Firewall, uncheck the option "Protect my Computer and Network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet".

This should help you Register and Live Update Max Registry Cleaner.

P. S.: Please note that this is not a limitation on the part of Max Registry Cleaner but Windows Firewall has blocked it, which you need to permit.


How do I register again, if I have re-formatted my hard drive?

    Once you have your computer working after re-formatting, download latest release of Max Registry Cleaner from the website Install the program again using this setup file. In Case the software asks you for registration again, just re-enter the registration key in registration form, which was mailed to you during purchase process. (Please copy and paste this number, do not try to type it)

If you still having difficulty registering again, then you can generate new keys for you. Remember that old keys will be disabled and can no longer be used. Click here to get the new Registration key.

Also you can generate new keys when,
1. You have 2 PCs in the same house and want to use this product on another PC and discontinue using on the old one.
2. If you have bought a new computer and would like to transfer the product on new PC.


What is my Registration Number?

    Registration number is an alpha-numeric key that is provided to you when you purchase Max Registry Cleaner. This number registers Max Registry Cleaner to allow the user to use it for one year with full functionality. This key is unique and helps us to identify the user to provide Customer Support.


What if my Registration Number is Invalid?

    We recommend not entering the Registration Number by keyboard that you have received by mail. It is suggested that you Copy and Paste the Registration Number to avoid errors. If you are still getting the same error message, please mail us to


I purchased Max Registry Cleaner but I never received a Registration Number

    After purchasing Max Registry Cleaner, a confirmation E-Mail is sent to you containing your Registration Number. Be sure to check any junk mail or spam mail folders in case the message was caught by spam filters. If this did not resolve the problem please contact us for another Registration Number.


I am unable to locate my Registration Number.

    Please send an email to along with your details entered during Registration of the copy. We will send your Registration Number on the Email-Id that is entered by you during Registration.


Can I install Registry Cleaner on multiple computers with one Registration Number?

    No. The Registration Number is valid only for a single computer. The same Registration Number can be used on multiple Operating Systems on same computer. But can not be used on different computers.


I am a registered Registry Cleaner user and am unable to get the upgrade?

    In such a situation you will have to check primarily for your Internet connection, or check with your anti-virus or personal firewall settings if they are blocking the “LiveUpdateRC.exe”. If you still have problems please email us at:

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    Purchase Enquiries

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How much does Max Registry Cleaner cost?

     You can visit us on to check the features available with the software. The software is priced at $29.95 per copy.


What do I get for my money?

     Max Registry Cleaner is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean, repair and optimize your registry in a few simple mouse clicks! Allowing you to easily fix problems with the Windows registry that are a common cause of crashes, slow performance and error messages. Once purchased, Max Registry Cleaner comes with One Year subscription service which includes Registry Cleaner software upgrades and full support from our Technical Support Team.


Why is "Registered" better than trial version?

    The Max Registry Cleaner free evaluation trial is designed to detect the types of unwanted errors you may have on your computer. This will allow you to fairly evaluate whether or not you believe Registry Cleaner would be of benefit to you. As it is a trial it has limited functionality. Trial version will not allow you to remove the invalid registry entries detected, the registered copy will allow you to remove the detected entries and also provide you a continuous access to latest definitions via Live Update and full support from our Technical Support Team.


What payment methods are available?

    The payment to purchase the software is done online from the website. We have a secure payment gateway which ensures safe transaction.
Please visit to know about the payment methods details.


How do I purchase?

    Download our trial version from the website Install the program. The application has a Buy Now button to purchase the product. Clicking on that button will take you to Max Registry Cleaner purchase page.


How do I renew my License/Subscription?

    Once the one year subscription period is over, you will have to re-purchase the software. You can send a mail to us onto: for a new Registration Number. Then you will have to register the product again by clicking on Register Now button on main user Interface of the application.


Do you offer a Refund?

    Yes, Max Secure Software offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee when purchasing Max Registry Cleaner. Our Research team would like to know what issue you are having on your PC and resolve them so that you can enjoy a problem free computer, how a new PC was supposed to be.

Here are the recommendations from our Research team:
Please do "Live Update", scan your PC and delete the invalid registry entries found after scanning. Now click on the "Export" button and mail us the report with reference to any issue and your email id. This will help our Research Team to review issues on your PC and provide fix in the next updates.

If you are still not satisfied, you may write to us for refund at On purchases done online, we provide a 30 days refund guarantee.


Where can I receive a copy of your software on CD?

    Unfortunately, at this time Registry Cleaner is only available as a digital download but we hope to offer copies on CD's soon.


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    System Requirements for Registry Cleaner

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What are the System Requirements for Registry Cleaner?

    Minimum System Requirements for installing and running Registry Cleaner is Windows Operating Systems as specified below, 64 MB RAM, Pentium Class Processor, 7 MB Free disk space and Internet Connectivity for Registration and Live Updates.


Will It run on my Operating System?

    Max Registry Cleaner is compatible with following versions of Windows:

  Operating System
 Registry Cleaner
  Windows 98
  Windows ME
  Windows 2000
  Windows 2000 Pro
  Windows XP Home
  Windows XP Pro

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     How to Use Registry Cleaner

How do I run Registry Cleaner?

Scanning Registry: To start the registry scanning, click the "Scan" button. Then select the options which you want to scan. Selection done by clicking on the Checkbox provided for each option. After clicking on "Ok" button, it scans your registry. During the scanning process you can stop the scan at any time by clicking the "Stop" button.

Repairing your Registry: Once the scan is completed you will be shown a list of problems detected in your registry. If you want to delete a specific entry, just click on the "Delete" button" on Main GUI. And for recover purpose, just click on the "Recover" button".

Please Note: If you have the trial version, it has limited functionality. Please register your copy of Registry Cleaner to enable repairs for windows registry. In order to be able to register please go to: and proceed with your purchase.

Recovering your Registry: If you want to recover any entries you click on "Recover". Selected entries get restored in registry. If you click on "Delete" these entries are deleted but it does not get restored in registry.


What is an Export Report?

    Clicking on the "Export" button on the main GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Registry Cleaner lets you send mail to our Research team for review. This option is used to get a log of what invalid registry entries were found on your PC.
Enter you Email ID, so that our Research Team can track and get back to you if they need to. Click on the "Click here to send mail" button. Normally we will not be sending you a mail in response to this Export Report but if some entry on your PC needs to be fixed immediately then they may send mail to you.


What does it mean to defrag the registry?

    Defragmenting a system or registry is when the system removes blank bytes of data and consolidates the remaining information so that there are no blank memory pieces within it. This is similar to removing filler columns in a database.


Why there is need of Registry Defragmentation?

    The registry, much like any program or table of information, stores data in a specific way. As your system is configured and reconfigured, the registry rearranges the keys, and data behind the keys, so that it reads the information in a way appropriate for processing. This can sometimes leave gaps between the data, which can slow processing of the information. Defragmenting can help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.
You should defragment after each registry repair.

Note: Defragmenting may take a few minutes and will require you to restart your system before the changes will take effect.

Key Features of Registry Defragmentation:
• Make Your Computer Fast and stable in Minutes.
• Increase Your Computer Speed by up to 100%!
• Reduces application response time.
• Reduces system response time.
• Saves memory by compacting registry in size.
• Builds new registry with linear structure.


What are the options available for scanning?

Following are the Options for Registry Scanning.

Startup: Startup entries are registry entries that tell Windows which programs to start upon system startup.
Start Menu Items: Start Menu entries are registry entries that tell windows which programs are appears in windows startup.
Shared DLL's: This registry key contains references to shared DLL's (Dynamic Link Libraries). They can be shared by multiple applications to reduce memory and disk space requirements. If Registry Cleaner cannot find a DLL file that is referenced from the Shared DLL's section, the registry entry pointing to this DLL is removed.
Fonts: Find invalid font references in the system.
Application Info: Delete those application paths registry entries, for which a path does not exist on the hard drive.
Unused Software Entries: Delete registry key for uninstalled software.
Com/Activex: Before a COM/ActiveX object can be used by applications, a reference to this object must be created in the registry. If a registry reference describing a COM/ActiveX object points to a non-existing file, this reference is considered invalid.
File Extensions: Delete those entries,
1. For which a file extension record refers to a non-existing application key.
2. For which an application key refers to a file that cannot be found on all the hard drives.
Shared Folders: Delete those entries, for which a shared folder referenced from this section is missing or the specified path to this folder is invalid.
Help Files: It refer to currently installed help file by windows and other program.
Most Recently Used List: It helps you to clear your run history.
Windows/MS-Dos Shortcuts: Delete those entries, for which *.lnk and *. Pif files which refers to invalid (1 which is not exist) object/icon.
Sound/App Events: Application events associated with sound files.
Current Logged in User information: It displays Logging info of user.
Deep Scan: It refers to invalid path in registry values.

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    Live Update of Registry Cleaner

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What is Live Update?

     We are continuously updating our product. You can get benefit of those updates. Click on Live Update button.
A window opens, which downloads the new product updates.


I am receiving an "Error occurred while downloading updates" error. How do I correct this?

    Whenever you get this error while Live Update, you can go to and download patch manually.


I am having problems with Live Update.

    The problem you are experiencing is generally due to one of the following three reasons:
No Internet connection: Please ensure you are connected to the Internet when attempting to perform a Live Update.
Firewall / Proxy Server blockage: You may need to temporarily disable your firewall or proxy server to perform Live Update, as these could interpret the Registry Cleaner's update function as a malicious process. If possible, place Registry Cleaner's 'liveupdateRC.exe' on your firewall or proxy server's 'Allowed Processes' list. This will allow you to run future Live Updates with your firewall or proxy server enabled.
Virus Scanner interference: You may need to temporarily disable your virus scanner to perform a Live Update, as these could determine the download as an attempt to infect your computer with a virus.
Please remember to re-enable your Virus Scanner when Live Update has completed.

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    Common Questions About Registry Cleaner

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What is the Windows Registry?

    The Windows registry is a database in Windows used to store information your computer needs to run properly. It controls applications, user settings, and hardware devices. Programs are constantly referencing the registry while they run. The Windows registry is a vital part of Windows. If it's damaged your registry can cause your whole system to become corrupted. Old, unused registry entries can slow down your computer and hurt its performance. Cleaning your registry often makes your computer run smoother and reduces computer errors.


Why do you need to clean your Windows Registry?

    There are several reasons why you might need to repair your registry. Here are just a few:

Viruses: Many viruses attack through the registry by creating or modifying keys. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of your system and registry keys or specific direction from a technical expert on how to search for these infected keys, it is very dangerous to try to edit the registry on your own. Any damage done to the registry at this point would require either a reinstallation of the registry from backup or a reinstallation of Windows. Either way, there will be some information lost.

Tracking programs: Programs that install themselves through Internet pages and track your Internet usage to transmit data back to their hosts usually have registry keys associated with them. Some have multiple keys, under multiple program names or in multiple folders, within the registry. In order to fully eradicate the program from your computer, you must delete all of its associated registry keys. This can be very tricky.

Uninstalled programs: If you have recently uninstalled programs without going through the official uninstall program (or if the program did not have an uninstall feature and you deleted it) there may be some keys remaining in the registry. Without removing these keys you may encounter errors, as Windows will try to operate based upon the keys. In order to fully uninstall the program, you will need to remove the associated keys.

These are only a few of the reasons you may need to repair your registry. If you encounter registry errors for reasons other than this, try repairing the registry.


Why would I need to use Registry Cleaner?

    Your Windows registry grows every time you use your computer as it stores more and more information. A lot of the information in the registry becomes obsolete and gradually becomes cluttered and fragmented. As your registry grows, it can degrade the performance of the entire system and cause many different software problems.


What can Registry Cleaner do for you?

    Registry Cleaner scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. After Registry Cleaner fixes these problems, your system will run faster and error free. When you delete Entries from registry there is need to take a backup of these Entries. So as you need you can recover these Entries. Registry Cleaner helps solve computer errors and keeps your system run faster and smoother.


Do you have a foreign language version of Registry Cleaner?

    No! Currently we are supporting the application options, application help only in English.


How do I configure Other Internet Security Suite or Personal Firewall Plus for Registry Cleaner?

    The following exe files will have to be allowed if you are using any firewall or internet security suit.

1) LiveUpdateRC.exe
2) Registrycleanerp.exe

The software has an integrity check so will rarely get blocked or killed by any other equivalent program.


How does Registry Cleaner work with Multiple Users on one computer?

    Registry Cleaner can be used by multiple users on one computer, the only pre-requisite is that the user should not be a restricted user.


I ordered Registry Cleaner but I never received an e-mail with download instructions.

    Just in case you have not received an email, please send us the Purchase ID number, so that we can give you the needful support.


Other products are free, so why should I pay for your product?

     Max Registry Cleaner is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair problems with your registry in a few simple mouse clicks! Also no free ware utilities provide you with technical support. Also all the free products do not have any value added feature that we provide. The value of scanning with Registry Cleaner can only be known to you if you purchase it and use it for some time.


If your question is not answered please contact us and we will be happy to answer your query.

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Max Registry Cleaner is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair problems with your registry in a few simple mouse clicks!